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The divine codes journal is an untimely periodical related to Many divine subjects. This includesVedic JyotishMediniNadi JyotishSariraka Sastram (Palmistry), Sthapathya (Oriental Architecture-Vastu), Art related topics (Includes photos, paintings, art installations)Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and Spirituality.The primordial being have encrypted many matters of life and Jyotish is a light that enlightens the path to unknown. The Divine Codes e-Journal is a free periodical with no time limits attached.It is completely free and downloadable from the following links. The articles in the magazine are well researched and carry a well-balanced scientific approach.

Our Research Team Includes

Rakesh Jamwal (Founder & Researcher)

Nothing more than a Pious soul born to explore mystery of nature, universe and cosmology of god to understand universe and its beautiful creation, guiding people in right path.Founded Krishnadhaam Research Organization (KARAS) - The Vedic Sidhanta with the motive of learning and spreading true classical knowledge. The motive of this research foundation is to decode and comprehend the coded vedic era, thereby leading to establishing systematic and scientific link with vedic and modern astrology.
Research Interest 

Author, Blogging, Writing Research Based Book -" The vedic siddhanta ", Studying Deep on various aspects of Vedic and Modern Cosmology, Deep Research work in Hindu/Mundane Astrology, Doing hardcore research work in vedic and modern astronomy, Having Deep desire of Sky Watching, Designing and Graphics work and Playing with Guitar .

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Vishal Sood (Founder & Researcher)

Vishal is a B.Sc.- Medical, MBA Gold Medalist & a Business Analyst by profession and a life consultant.He is a keen researcher in Astrology, Spiritual Sciences. He is a meditation practitioner and a Yoga teacher as well. His life transformed when he received Divine Guidance making him trance channel and he went into extreme meditations. He is a great transformational leader and a spirited motivator. He is keen writer and writing articles on Astrology, Life Style, Health, Spirituality etc.He is also a trained singer. He has taken a mission in his life to serve 10 million lives and transform them for happy living. He is an extreme worshipper and devotee of Lord Shiva.

Research Interest

Provides consultations in Astrology, Spiritual Healing, Meditations, Ayurveda & Life Style.

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Alok Jagawat (Founder, Researcher and Editor)

Born in Nimach, a public speaker, writer and an avid blogger. Having scientific background in art and designing. Known for life changing consultations related to the field of sthapatya and vedic jyotish. Mentor for celebrities and influential people around the globe. Famous for honesty and superb psychic abilities. Designed harmonic homes for people around the globe. Versatile in employing extreme high tech equipment in the scientific analysis of harmonic designs.

Had the honor of being a disciple of his grandfather prominent astrologer like Shri Shakti Mohan Singh. Academically a graduate of computer engineering. Apparently, destiny had something else in store, thereby resigned from full time profession and now devotee and pursuing Jyotisha research

Research Interest

Vastu Consultant, Researcher and Indian Astrologer.

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For Consultancy Contact @ Monday to Sunday | 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM | +91-9799333666


Karthik Raman (Researcher)

Pranaam to all readers and thank you for looking at my profile.

I have to my credit, a bachelor degree (MIT,India) and master degree (TU Delft, Netherlands) in Bio-medical Engineering.

My research focuses on the improvement of quality of life. Hence the choice of the aforementioned field and I specialize in tissue engineering of cartilage and regenerative medicine of osteoarthritis.

During my childhood days, I was fascinated with geography and mathematics. Visiting astrologers with my parents at a young age, transformed into reality, the theoretical concepts preached about planets in school. From then on I delve deep into understanding, so as to unravel the hidden secrets and deliver it to the people at large on a platter in the form of simple remedies.

I have gained knowledge about various planets, the nakshatras, houses and most important, basic and foundation concepts in astrology. But, I still believe there is a lot more to it. The reason being, these were created very long ago and came down to us by word of mouth. In this way, some information is lost, mis-interpreted during communication. A large part of the astral knowledge, lies hidden in many scriptures such as vedas, bhagawadgeetha and the mahabharatha.Since we are not proficient in understanding the coded language employed, there is confusion, which the modern day astrologers, se to their advantage, by scaringand creating myths, saying "mangal ki maaya hain, shani ki saaya hain", which would not be an appropriate way to put it forward.

Hence, my rationale in this group would be that of an editor, to fine tune the editorial, presented to me by the researchers, which would be transformed and made available to the viewers in an elite language,
Research Interest

Astrology, prescribing remedies, efficient communication, editing, managerial tasks

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About Vedic Sutras

Rakesh Jamwal is a nature-loving, spiritual being founder of The Vedicsiddhanta research foundation, who strives to help fellow beings re-connect with the science of ancient and understanding its spiritual connection with nature, universe and their inner selves. Thank you for being part of this Spiritual journey.


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