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Articles Published | September 2015 | Issue 1
  1. Secret Ayurvedic formulae in Astrology by Alok Jagawat
  2. The Wonders of Neechbhanga Rajayoga by Shubra Goswami
  3. Unmarried Woman. (Spinster), astrological Perspective by Sastry Kara
  4. Flood Fury and heavy rains In Jammu and Kashmir 2014 by Rakesh Jamwal
  5. The science of Meditation by Vishal Sood
  6. The earthquake in Nepal by Rakesh Jamwal
  7. Ascension of the Earth: Decoded by Vishal Sood
  8. Names, signs and their significance in vastu : Kaankini Chakram by Alok Jagawat
  9. Unlocking the Mystery of Past Birth  : Past Life Astrology & Past Life Regression by Rakesh Jamwal
  10. Nagmani : The Secrets Of Snake Stones by Alok Jagawat
  11. Nadi Mooka Prasna. Secrets of answering unknown questions by Alok Jagawat

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About Vedic Sutras

Rakesh Jamwal is a nature-loving, spiritual being founder of The Vedicsiddhanta research foundation, who strives to help fellow beings re-connect with the science of ancient and understanding its spiritual connection with nature, universe and their inner selves. Thank you for being part of this Spiritual journey.


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